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Softstick Bluetooth Commander

Softstick Bluetooth Commander for Palm OS

The next generation file manager for Palm OS

Softick Bluetooth Commander is the first Palm OS file manager which supports Bluetooth file browse and transfer capability and therefore extends wireless connectivity of Palm devices. Now you can easily browse any trusted Bluetooth-enabled device for the files and folders, move, copy and delete them wirelessly.

Formerly, the Bluetooth file transfer client was available to the Pocket PC and desktop PC users only. From now, Softick offers the same feature to Palm OS users.

Using Softick Bluetooth Commander, you can:

  • Quickly exchange your photos, ring tones, documents and any other files in your Bluetooth environment
  • Access your mobile phone, desktop PC, Pocket PC or Palm handheld of your friend, find and get any of the shared files, transfer your files to the remote devices

It's just great! You can communicate everywhere: on the road, in the public places, at the party, with no need in cradles, cables or desktop computers.

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Softstick Bluetooth Commander


Softstick Bluetooth Commander 1.02

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